This site is an example of what would’ve happened if Ludwig von Mises and Benjamin Graham had a love child who was later adopted by Murray Rothbard.

Who was Ludwig von Mises?

Who was Benjamin Graham?

Who was Murray Rothbard?

Generally speaking. this site is about investing, economics and philosophy.

Specifically, this site is about value investing, Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy. But it is not limited to those specific things.

This site is not about me and to the extent that it is, it’s a form of personal therapy. Getting this stuff out of my head and onto the web helps me remember what it is that I know (or think I know), gives me a record of my thinking process and maybe, just maybe, will keep me from going insane.

And who am I? I’m nobody important, a mere individual, that is all.

Like life, business value and human action, this website is subject to change.


About the header graphics: the images decorating the website in the top banner area were selected because they represent places I’ve lived, places I’ve visited, places I’d like to visit, people whom I respect or admire, people who I detest who are nonetheless related to things I am interested in, or are symbols of phenomena belonging to investment, economic and philosophy ideas I study.